Nii Amarh Gomez - Sore Sa Bi (8?) Sweet Hands Production, Ghana

Master of Drumsこと、ガーナ出身でドイツで活動している打楽器奏者、
Nii Amarh Gomezによる作品。おそらくLPで確認できるのはこちらのみ。

特にタイトル曲と、牧歌的レゲエの"Oman Pa Ye"が素晴らしいです。後半のピアノがまた感動もの。

This album made from master of drums, a percussionist Nii Amarh Gomez who is from Ghana and now is in activity in Germany,
Maybe his LP seems only this one.

A jacket doesn't stand out.. but there is awesome sounds, it has blended synth, keyboards, and his gentle voice and rhythm of percussion instruments..
Especially the title song  synth juju "Sore Sa Bi" and "Oman Pa Ye" of pastoral reggae are so wonderful. The piano of latter half is too stunning!

Even now it seems that he is also doing activities that connect Germany and his home country through music, touring his own country and Togo around his own band.

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