Nawari - Zon Mina Bali (85) Private, Mali France

おそらくマリ共和国出身である、NawariことMamadou DiawaraによるReggae discoな一枚。おそらく彼自身のセルフリリースで詳細は不明。

また、彼は他にも7インチをリリースしていてこちらがかなりのReggae Synth Waveな感じで人気。また90年台のCDがDigi Reggaeでかっこいいです。

Killer reggae synth disco!
I probably think that Nawari is from the republic of Mali.
His real name is Mamadou Diawara. This is his own self-release.
There is two great dance tracks in this album using a cheap synth.

Also he released 7inches and CD so far. 7inches is popular because it is great reggae synth wave. 90's CD is great Digi Reggae.

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