Insides - Euphoria (93) Guernica, U.K.

イギリスのSerge TardoKirsty Yatesによるデュオ、InsidesによるElectro-Pop、Modern Classicalをミックスした大傑作。
Ambient Technoなんかが好きな方も間違いないと思います。

90'sサウンドがキテいる今の時代にも合ったDark Ambientな空気感含め、

A masterpiece of Indie-Rock - Modern Classical by Insides who is Serge Tardo and Kirsty Yates's duo from UK.
I think that if you like Ambient Techno, you probably hook on this LP too.
It is wonderful through all the songs, and included 7inches that is awesome on both sides.
Their predecessor is a band called "Earwig", and there are elements of a Shoegaze, indie-rock which is also quite great!


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