Willie Mohlala - Nobody Else But You (88) Gallo

南アフリカ産、詳細不明のコンポーザー、シンガーによるBubble gum - Discoの隠された傑作!
数々の名曲をこの世に送っているLazarus Kgagudiがプロデュース。ここ最近お気に入りでDJのたびにかけてます。
彼は他にも作品を出しているようですが、DJ OkapiのAfro synthにもでていないため、どれもあまり知られていないはず。

Unknown Killer bubble gum - disco by South African composer, singer Willie Mohlala.
Actually, produced by Lazarus Kgagudi who is dropped many masterpieces to the world. I recently played it when i'm DJing.
Willie Mohlala seems to be released other songs but it didn't listed on DJ Okapi's Afro synth.
so I think that this LP don't get as much attention yet as one of a SA boogie.

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