Priscilla Ermel - Cine Mato Grafico (90) Timbre Promoções Culturais, Gravadora E Editora Ltda.

世界各地の民族音楽を操り、BahiaやAmazonのグループと共演しブラジル先住民族をテーマにした回帰作品を始め、様々な有機的民族音楽を奏でるサンパウロの女性マルチ奏者、Priscilla Ermel

This is amazing brazilian LP by Priscilla Ermel a Sao Paulo female multiplayer who manipulates ethnic musical instrument around the world.
She was played with Bahia and Amazon groups and more, e.g. recurring the indigenous Brazilian theme, and playing various organic ethnic music.

You'll see the soundscape of acoustically and indigenous minimal samba, fusion sound. also blended with urban sounds.
playing throuth this album that like a fantastic soundtrack of fictional.
Amazingly perfect masterpiece!!!

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