Roland Young - Hearsay Evidence (87) Flow Chart Records

80年の作品、Isophonic Boogie Woogieや近年の作品も大人気のRoland P. Young
因みに編集された再発盤、Hearsay I-Landも2013年にリリースされております。

This is an odd DIY music at 87' by Roland P. Young. Also his demand works "Isophonic Boogie Woogie" and recent works are very popular.

He is a musician and a popular radio DJ of a local station in San Francisco, I don't know what happened in his 87years, but this work has done a DIY Lo-Fi synth music.
It was want item all the time, I think that digged up a deadstock of this original copy recently? Several copy are going to on the online market.

Also "Hearsay I-Land" has reissued in 2013 as a compilation that  included several songs from this album.
Through a lot of strange songs lined up, the three songs on A side are floor music that can be put on at the party. It will be acceptable recent years?

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