Alain Maneval - Souviens-Toi Du Futur (89) Carrere

Alain Manevalは1953年フランス生まれで、ラジオ番組やテレビ局の番組ディレクターを努めた異色の経歴の彼がおそらくフランスにいた最後の年、
89年頃に収録したSlo-mo acid ethno houseな作品。

フランスにいた頃からHip HopやPunk等のイベントや番組を手掛けたようでマスメディアの人でありながら、音楽文化も精通した方のようです。

Alain Maneval was born in France in 1953,
he was a program director of radio programs and television stations.
This is slo-mo acid ethno house which was recorded in the last year in France, around 1989.
He immigrated to Morocco in 1990.
(Produced TV programs even in Morocco)

When he lived in france worked on events and programs such as Hip Hop, Punk etc.
It seems that him who is familiar with the music culture while being mass media.

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