Tony Wilson - Mandela (Not Even Rivers Run Free), Hanging Out In Space (88) RCA

ディスコが好きな人ならご存知な方も多いであろうトリニダード・トバゴ出身でUKで活動していたHot Chicolateのベーシスト、Tony Wilsonによる作品。
こちらは彼のHanging Out In Spaceのセルフカバー。82年のオリジナルはバルバドス盤で、翌年にリリースされた12インチも激レアですね。

If you like disco music, You should already know tony wilson. He is a bassist from Hot Chicolate who was from Trinidad and Tobago
This is his self-cover of "Hanging Out In Space". The original of 82' is the Barbados press and also 12inch released the following year is very very rare.
However, this 88' version is totally different at all, it's awesome at synth disco filled with cosmic feeling.
This 7inch is probably sweden press only.

88's version
original version

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