99 Cents - Adrenalin Spaceboy (98) Dancenet ‎, Australia & New Zealand

個人的にハマっているオーストラリアのProgressive houseなグループ、Itch-E & Scratch-Eでも活躍したPaul MacことPaul McDermottと、Royce Dohertyが"Kiva"名義でVocalで参加した強烈なシングル。
Loft classicsでも有名なPaul Weller Kosmos(Lynch Mob Bonus Beats Mix)が好きな人なら間違いないです。

The Australian Progressive house group.
I'm personally into Australian dance music.  Paul McDermott, aka Paul Mac, and Royce Doherty who also worked on Itch-E & Scratch-E on vocals under the name "Kiva".
You like "Paul Weller / Kosmos" of Loft classics fame (Lynch Mob Bonus Beats Mix), you will like this too.
The dub of the breakbeats themselves is added to the floating feeling of the song, and the atmosphere is quite sickening.

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Maira Gall