Various Artists - One Giant Leap (83) 101 International , UK

101 InternationalというUKの非常にマイナーなグループの楽曲を集めたコンピレーション、おそらくここでしか聞けない曲が満載です。このレーベルはその他にもレアなコンピがたくさんあってどれも気になります。
このコンピも数曲やばいDIYなSynth wave〜Discoな曲が入っており、3分台と短いですが最近やたらと聴いています。
サビが印象的な女性ボーカルのGreat Disco、"Z-19 - The Night Is Still Young"や、私のアカウントでYoutubeにもアップしたDIYなドラムシーケンスが癖になる気だるいボーカルの"Alexis Pope - Loves Our Song"、minimal sunth waveな"Nadia - Vive Le Guitar"、狂ったシンセが狂気じみたCosmic track "Negatives In Colour Love Amongst The Buildings"等など。その他にも何曲かいい曲入ってますよ

A compilation of songs from a very minor UK group by 101 International label, maybe compiled with songs you can only listen here. There are a lot of other rare compilations on this label and I'm curious about them too.

This compilation also has a few DIY Synth wave to Disco songs, which are as short as 3 minutes, but I'm listening into these songs recently.

A female vocal with impressive climax "Z-19 - The Night Is Still Young", , super DIY minimal synth disco, "Alexis Pope - Loves Our Song" , minimal synth wave "Nadia - Vive Le Guitar", Crazy cosmic track "Negatives In Color Love Amongst The Buildings"

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