Loose Joints - Pop your funk (80) West End , US

Loose Jointsといえば、Arthur Russellを始め、Peter GordonPeter Zummo、Rare groove界隈で人気の仲良しファミリー、Ingram kingdom(10年以上前に当ブログでも紹介している脇毛ジャケのやつ)の兄弟まで参加している軌跡のユニットです。


A classic only for core collector?
Loose Joints were joined Arthur Russell, Peter Gordon, Peter Zummo, and classic rare groove family band, Ingram kingdom ( who was uploaded on this blog more than 10 years ago).

This 7-inch is completely different to 12 inches, this is a crazy instrumental version with a synthesizer in a BPM (around 160?) It just like "Gabber".
At that time it was very popular as a collector's item. but i have never listened it at the parties, so far as I know.

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