Javier Segura - Nostalgia De Lo Humano (86) Jaja Records

Experimental、Ambient、Music concrete等の音楽を手がけるスペインのアーティスト、Javier Segura。また、電子パンクシーンでもその名を残したArte Modernoのメンバーでもあります。

A面はしっかりしたビートがかっこいい曲が通して収録され、B面はアンビエント好きならノックアウトするであろう組曲が収録されています。特に、A面冒頭のEl Hombre Modernoが超今っぽくキラーなダンストラックでオススメ。

Killer Cosmic floor winner A-1! This album by Javier Segura who is a spanish artist working on music such as Experimental, Ambient and Music concrete. Moreover,
it's also a member of Arte Moderno which left its name even in the electronic punk scene.

His unreleased music source has been released recently, which has become a topic in some people,
Maybe i think that doesn't really know a lot about him..

The A-side is recorded with solid beats with cool songs, and the B-side is recorded great ambient. Especially, "El Hombre Moderno" at the beginning of A-side is recommended as super killer dance tracks.

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